Why Invest in SofPulse: Breaking Barriers in Healthcare

Join Investors who have backed the development of innovative FDA-Cleared patented non-opioid PEMF SofPulse® Medical therapies for reduction of post-operative pain and to accelerate recovery and conquer pain. Unlock potential returns as SofPulse targets revenue milestones and potential NASDAQ MedTech company spin-offs.

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Investment Summary


Initial Private Placement



MKT CAP Valuation:


Independent Valuation:


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Announced Spin-Offs To Major Stock Exchanges


SofPulse Investment Opportunity Offers Stability, Resilience, and Potential for Revenue Growth

Help revolutionize healthcare where medical and non-medical therapies, telehealth, and biotech merge harmoniously creating revenue and competitive advantages to empower individuals to lead healthier more fulfilling lives!

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Our Investment Opportunity Offers Balance, Resilience and the Potential For Growth

Unleashing The Potential Of SofPulse’s Patent-Protected PEMF Research In Healthcare

Healthcare Advancements through Patent Protected PEMF

By safeguarding intellectual property rights, researchers working with SofPulse's patent portfolio ensure the preservation of innovative solutions keeping the company at the forefront of medical progress.

Resolving Critical Medical Issues through PEMF Advances

SofPulse’s patented PEMF technology is paving the way for, improved well-being and resolve of medical issues addressing chronic inflammatory conditions including ischemic stroke, multiple sclerosis (MS), traumatic brain injury (TBI), dementia, Alzheimer's, cardiovascular disease, and peripheral vascular disease.

Working With Top Researchers and Respected Medical Institutions

SofPulse's researchers have laid the foundation for ground-breaking advancements in the field of PEMF Technology. Our commitment to protecting intellectual property and ongoing research, allows us to further harness the power of PEMF technology, ultimately transforming the way we approach healthcare and improving lives and medical conditions for all.

Invest into the Future of Healthcare

Help us revolutionize healthcare where medical therapies, telehealth, and biotech merge harmoniously, creating a significant competitive advantage empowering individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

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Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Invest in Growing and Expanding Medical Markets

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Medical Device Market

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global medical devices market size was valued at USD $512.29 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow from USD $536.12 billion in 2023 to USD $799.67 billion by 2030.


Telehealth Market

According to Statista, the global telemedicine market was valued at some $50 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 and was forecast to grow significantly and was projected to be valued at nearly $460 billion U.S. dollars by 2030.

Don't Miss Out On This Promising Opportunity

Where innovations and profitability meet in healthcare

Our company is leading the charge in the medical industry, revolutionizing the way we approach healthcare with cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and our commitment to advancing the field is unwavering. With our team of experts, we are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting revolution.


Lucrative Market Potential:

Medical Device sales taps into a rapidly growing medical device and telehealth industry with significant revenue opportunities.


Our Mergers & Acquisition Division

Our Mergers & Acquisition Division drives growth by forming strategic partnerships and acquiring biotech companies, expanding research capabilities and product range.


Addressing the Opioid Crisis:

SofPulse® pain management alternatives play a crucial role in combating the opioid crisis and provide an ethical investment opportunity.


Strong Competitive Advantage:

Our FDA Cleared, non-invasive PEMF product(s), our proprietary technology, and a comprehensive telehealth platform positions us as a market leader with a solid competitive edge.


Revenue &  Potential:

Diversify revenues through medical PEMF products and telehealth products. Additional opportunities for investors.


R&D Drives Product Portfolio:

Patent Protected Medical and non-medical PEMF products developed through R&D offer unique clinical effectiveness and fill a demand for non-invasive drug-free wellness solutions.

Our Diversified Approach to Healthcare Offers Investors Stability and Profitability


Long-term Growth Stability

The global healthcare market continues to expand, driven by factors such as an aging population, increasing chronic diseases, expanding surgical needs and advancements in medical technology.


Medical Device Market Forecasted Revenue Growth - $250 Billion by 2032


Telehealth Market Forecasted Revenue Growth - $200 Billion by 2030


Wellness PEMF Therapy Market Forecasted Revenue Growth - $580 Million by 2032


Clear Path to Profitability

Our diversified approach of combining telehealth digital assets with innovative PEMF bioelectric therapies offer significant growth and revenue opportunities.


Aggressive Global Growth Strategies for Medical and Non-Medical PEMF Markets.


Integrated Telehealth Solutions for Medical Device Distribution.


Diversified Holding Company of Med-Tech Companies Through Mergers and Acquisitions.


Proven Products and Experienced Management

Our expertise lies in combining advanced PEMF technology, telehealth digital assets, scientific research, and clinical expertise with a seasoned and proven management team to develop healthcare solutions to meet patient's needs.


FDA-Cleared For Postoperative Pain and Edema Reduction.


New Dynamic Sales & Marketing Teams headed by Medical Industry Leaders


SofPulse® PEMF products offer unique clinical effectiveness and fill a demand for non-invasive drug-free medical and wellness solutions

Invest Now to Capitalize on SofPulse's Mission to Revolutionize Healthcare with Electroceutical® Therapy to Combat the Opioid Crisis and Enhance Recovery

Empowering Lives Through Collaboration Join us in the Pursuit of a More Accessible Healthcare Ecosystem!

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SofPulse's value proposition:

Combining Advanced Technology, Scientific Research, and Clinical Expertise To Allow You to Become Part Of A Company That Is At The Forefront Of Medical Innovation.

Who Can Benefit From PEMF Therapies

Making Healthcare and Non-Opioid Pain Reduction Available To All


Amazing Results From PEMF Therapy Treaments


David’s Story

David, a former NFL player who suffered from 27 concussions before the age of 26, discovered renewed hope and freedom from constant traumatic brain injury (TBI) symptoms through SofPulse®. This groundbreaking technology, utilizing gentle pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, resolved his chronic headaches and provided relief from PTSD symptoms.


Brandon’s Story

Brandon, an aspiring LA firefighter, faced a daunting challenge when he tore his rotator cuff during training and required surgery. His path to recovery took an unexpected turn with the introduction of SofPulse®. This revolutionary technology, cut his opioid pain pill use to 2, from the national average 96 opioids for his surgery, and propelled Brandon’s recovery process to extraordinary heights...


Ken’s Story

Ken, a medical sales professional, was involved in a car accident when an 18-wheeler truck collided with and destroyed the vehicle he was driving. Ken sustained a collapsed lung, multiple fractured ribs, and excruciating pain from the accident. Using SofPulse®, Ken amazingly required No Opioid Pain Medication to manage his pain, and experienced accelerated healing, enabling him to return to work faster than expected...

SofPulse’s Poised To Capitalize On Multiple Opportunities Within The PEMF Healthcare And Wellness Markets

Empowering Lives, Making Drug-Free PEMF Pain Management Available To All

Future Market Insights Reports: There is a $580 Million Dollar Opportunity in The Growing And Expanding US PEMF Therapy Device Market.


Company Road Map

Our Company Strategy Is Crafted to Ensure We Stay Ahead Of The Curve In the Ever-Evolving Landscape Of Technology And Innovation.



Develop SofPulse, Inc.
Receive FDA Approval for International Sales – Taiwan



Complete Initial Capital Raise and
Initiate Sales Launch into VA Hospitals



Acquire SofPulse Medical Device Assets and IP from Endonovo.
Register shares of SofPulse, Inc.



Expand Research & Development into New Indications & Products



Commence Telehealth Strategy

We Are Constantly Exploring New Avenues And Solutions To Deliver The Best Products And Services For our Customers

Invest Now To Be Part of An Opportunity To Shape The Future Of Healthcare

Poised To Capitalize of Multiple Revenue Sources, Innovative R&D Product Development and Multiple Spin-Off Possibilities To Help Secure Your Investment Opportunity

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